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I had this application on my iPhone for long time not knowing what to do with it, don’t even remember when I downloaded it, so I was checking it yesterday, and I was completely amazed with its capabilities and what information it can give you. Basically it’s somehow linked to a huge music database, so if you are having certain music in mind, or you are listening to a song in radio that you want to know whose the singer and its title, etc., then you simply open this application, and you will get this window, so

soundhound 1


once you are ready with the music that you want to find out, then you know where to tap..

soundhound 2

The application will start listening to the music for few seconds to check its database, and if the search is successful, then it will amaze you with the amount of information (as below) that can gather for your which includes:

  1. The song name
  2. The singer name
  3. The albume name
  4. The song’s lyrics
  5. Youtube links for the song
  6. Links to buy it on iTunes, to share it with someone, and to bookmark it for your future reference.

soundhound 3

Eventually, it even reads some of the Arabic music for top singers like Amer Diab!