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qadsiyya 2

I’ve promised my kids to get them Qadsiyya soccer kit, so it was only yesterday that I managed myself to take them to Hawalli to one of the sports shop opposite to Almuhallab mall. The shops there did not look nice at all, even the displayed t-shirts were really

of bad quality, so I asked the sales person where is the best place to get the official kit from? And to my surprise, he said in the shop of Qadsiyya club itself. I’ve never imagined that we could have stuff like that here in Kuwait, where clubs sell their own sports kits and other accessories, but it seems at least Qadsiyya does.

The bad thing that the small sizes for the kids were out of stock but they are bringing more of next week. The cost of the kit is KD12 for both the t-shirt and the short, and KD9 for the t-shirt only.