This only shows the positive effect of using the public transportation means (e.g. Buses, undergrounds, trains, etc.) than everyone’s own vehicle to off load the roads from the daily crowd. The indirect benefit on the other hand lies in something like the following points:

  • Roads will require less amount of maintenance since they are being used less, thus, more public money savings.
  • Lesser number of vehicles will be used, thus, amount of pollution will reduce.
  • People will greatly save many direct and indirect costs on their own personal vehicles.
  • People will be committing to their offices working hours more since they will be reaching there with no delay in their daily commute.
  • Public transportation is considered – in the general sense – safer than cars, thus, less amount of accidents is expected.
  • People’s mood will be more positive since they will fight considerably less with other drivers.

I’m sure there are many other valid reasons why to use the public transportations; whether this can be used heavily here in Kuwait or not, this is the question.