Blessed by God and his mercy, we have had our Umra in relatively easy conditions albeit the unexpected crowds visiting Mecca this time of the year coming mainly from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, South Asia. The most enjoyable thing – other than being there in that holy place – is the joy and unprecedented happiness that I saw in my little kid’s and two sisters’ eyes being there for the first time, that was truly priceless. This time was the first for me to lead the group, but certainly, I won’t hesitate to repeat it again. I recommend traveling on board Wataniya Airways since it had a good timings in the departure from and to Kuwait (i.e. 2pm and 5 pm), and to stay at Hilton Mecca which I really prefer over the rest of the hotels simply because it has first of all decent rooms, good services, and delicious food, and on top of that, it has a small shopping mall attached to it with a super market in it, that’s obviously beside being a minute walk from the holy mosque. All in all, it was an amazing break.