Bunch of Kuwaitis coming back from the states and apparently they got shocked with how the country looked from cleanness point of view. They have decided to formulate a group tackling that issue. The description of their Facebook group Keep Kuwait Clean says:

We recently came back from the USA, needless to say, Kuwait just keeps getting dirtier, maybe its time for us to take the initiative. A few days ago, everyone in Kuwait took to the streets in celebration of our Liberation day, how dirty were those streets after we were done? Ill leave the answer to you. Only join this group if you’re willing to extend a helping hand, the notion of joining the group and taking no action is neither acceptable nor appreciated.

They are mainly youngsters, and it’s really touching when we see them really caring about how their country should look like, not just spending their time on unuseful stuff, but really to mean business here. I hope this attempt gets the deserve attention from the media and probably to get sponsored by big private companies, and spreads all over.

(seen at 360dewan)