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Today was somehow a remarkable day in my life. Well not that I’ve flew to the moon for example, but in a sense that I’ve used something for the first time where others have been using for quite long time now. I had this iPhone application, called Truphone that allow you to make voice calls over interet (VoIP: Voice over IP), similar to Skype. It’s absolutely cheap compared to mobile and landline phones obviously, but perhaps I shouldn’t consider them as “the cheapest” really prior to trying other ones, and more specifically Skype or fring. My call today was to UK, which took about about 3-4 min, and it charged me $0.20 only (around KD0.055)! The good thing about it to you can top-up through the application itself. One advantage in fact is that they do have their own SIM cards (available for use in UK and US so far) where you can use it while you are roaming, and they will charge for local rates.


The only drawback with using such applications that they still rely on your WiFi connection rather than the 3G networks here in Kuwait (even if you use their SIM card). The VoIP is still being blocked by the mobile operators which was mandated by the Ministry of Communication.