Well, what to say about Kidzania!

Kidzania is one of the most interesting places that I’ve ever visited, combining leisure, amusement, as well as educational and knowledge activities. This project, started in Mexico back in 1996, was opened in Dubai on 10th January 2010. We were lucky that we planned our visit to Dubai at the time this was opened already, and we had no doubt that this will be our main spot to go to. It’s pretty easy and simple:

1. You start by checking-in and getting your boarding pass (the tickets!) as well as the “cheque”, and you pass the gate.

2. The kids then have to cash-in the cheque themselves at their own little HSBC so they can use their new “Kidzos” (the name of the currency inside Kidzania) in all their activities.

3. Once this is done, then the kids can start feeling the different world.

4. They can then start with any “job” they want. For example they can simply start with the dentist job or at the supermarket sales person. In our case, my kids started with the dentist role, then moved to the surgeon, etc. Obviously, their are many other real-life look alike jobs that the kids can perform, for instant, they can be doctors, policemen, fire fighters, engineers, journals reporters, photographers, pilots, etc. It doesn’t really matter which one to start with.

5. For each job the kids perform, they simply get their “salaries” for that. However, if the activity involved purchasing, then the kids have to pay some money.

6. Once you cover all the jobs you want your kids to play, you simply count how many Kidzos you have and you just go to the gifts shop and purchase the proper item.

After spending around half day there, we noticed how the kids were really attached to what they experienced, by singing the songs and talking about it continuously.

Their official website for Kidzania is [here].