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We have travelled to Dubai with the kids from 5th till 8th Feb 2010 during their spring holiday. This time we came abroad Wataniya airways which I tried like a year ago or so during a business mission, but frankly speaking, the service last time was way better than now. Anyways, in Dubai we are staying this time at “The Address Dubai mall”, for those who dont know where is that, I guess you’ll take sometime to figure out that there actually are three hotels of the chain “The Address” at the same place near Burj Khalifa (previously known as Burj Dubai); the address dubai mall, the address downtown, and the address palace. I just had little trouble with them in Dubai mall having not had the thing I requested. I simply asked earlier when I did my booking to have a connected rooms so to make the thing easy on the kids & us; this didn’t happen, but they promised to try their best to fix it tomorrow. What we saw in the mall was a completely different story. I’ve visited Dubai many times in fact, and everytime, my believe becomes stronger that this city os not meant to grt developed fornits citizens, rather for the foreigners mainly. It’s really sad where you feel this city is mostly unreal & untrue.