Something to really be proud of…



OTTAWA, Sept 20 (KUNA) — A Kuwait surgeon won an award for his research in the field of thoracic (chest) surgery from the Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons Association (CANATS) during its annual conference in Halifax.
Dr. Thirar Al-Shihab told KUNA late Friday that he was very happy to receive this award, affirming he was honored to represent Kuwait at the paramount international event.
On his research, the Kuwaiti doctor said that he focused on finding a new way to treat thoratic abscess without reverting surgery. He revealed that a drug used for breaking blood clots could be injected into the patient’s chest, thus relieving him from the abscess without need to operate.
The drug could clear about 80 percent of abscess, affirmed the Kuwaiti surgeon, adding that the research would be published in international medical journals and magazines.
Several medical facilities have offered me the opportunity for joint research on the treatment and a full scholarship for year, said Al-Shihab.
Dr. F. Griffith Pearson, a world renowned thoracic surgeon, commended Dr. Al-Shihab’s research, saying that it was a new addition to thoracic treatment which would save time, money, and effort.
CANATS allocated the Dr. Robert Ginsburg award to Al-Shihab during its annual conference for the best research on new thoracic treatments