In previous post about “more reasons to hate Kuwait“, I said I’ll put some replies on these points from my point of view. Here is my reply:

Censorship – black magic markers, missing scenes from DVDS, ripped out pages, etc

  • Missing scenes from DVDs & ripped out pages: We have all right (as much as you do in your country) to protect our children from inappropriate scenes, pictures, or the like; it is something similar to filtering porno sites in the internet.


The prayers on loudspeaker outside, inside, etc at multiple times a day. 

  • Well, that’s a pure religious thing, and if we do stand the church’s bell when we travel abroad (and we respect that), then we expect the same from you.


Being non-muslim but having to abide  by ramadan rules, but getting non of the benefits (like being able to leave work early when the muslims do so you can eat)

  • This is not correct. Non-Muslims do actually benefit from less working hours as much as we do in Ramadan, not differentiation whatsoever. This is a fact across all work locations whether in public or private sectors.


no craft, hobby, knitting stores

  • No comments


ONE POST OFFICE for the ENTIRE COUNTRY – and the lack of actually having your documents make it out of the country

  • I can hardly believe that!! Where on earth a country depends upon one post office for its entire nation. If you had said that the postal service in Kuwait sucks, I would definitely agree with you. In addition, most of the international carrier services like Fedex or DHL are in fact available and provide their normal standards of service.


Getting gipped EVERY TIME you take a cab! and then having to argue with the cabbie that they’re ripping you off.

  • Bad luck! I remember I was ripped off at least once in each of the European countries that I have been to, but I still don’t “HATE” them..!!


the shopping (1) because they don’t carry anything smaller than a size US8/UK6/EU 38 or whatever… (2) because it’s expensive b/c they have nothing but name brands

  • Completely untrue specially point (2). In this country, you can find anything you want at the price that you think reasonable, be it branded or not. Items here are really affordable by everyone.


Here’s NOTHING to do here other than eat

  • We have a very modern Golf course (if you are a Golfer).
  • We have one of the most excellent comfortable cinemas in the world.
  • We have many resorts around the country.
  • We have Islands that you can go to and spend the day there with family or so.
  • We have many modern shopping malls.
  • We have many modern Gyms and sports facilities.
  • We have number of museums (national, scientific, etc.).
  • We have around the year variety of exhibitions (international tourism, watches & jewelries, cars, etc.) at the Fair ground.
  • We have a scientific center including an aquarium



  • Absolutely incorrect and really a joke unless you are taking pictures of a military base or something..!!!


Groceries are expensive! I bought 2 kinder eggs (consider it me buying 2 kit kats), 1 magazine, 1 small bottle of water, 1 mug, and 1 bag of candy – and it cost me $50 USD.

  • I can really announce this as “the joke of the season”! Bottle of water here is just for a KD 0.1 which is approximately $0.4 and that’s for sure NOT expensive – at least in the normal peoples’ standard of measurements – and you could have the rest for like $10-15. You can fill your midsized refrigerator completely with food and stuff for not more than $150-200, and I really do mean fill it completely; not just few items.


Jobs are who you know, not your merit

  • Maybe yes, maybe no. But after all, no one would think to hire someone who does not fulfill the job requirement and bottom line; this happens literally everywhere.


Women in positions of power (like manager, supervisor, etc) are non existent

  • Absolutely not true. We have two women ministers serving in the Government, one of which is the Minster of Education. We had the president of Kuwait University (a position ranked as a minister) a woman too, not to mention many under-secretaries and the like.


when you rent an unfurnished apartment, you buy the stove, fridge, washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, etc.

  • What’s the big deal here? If you are renting an unfurnished apartment then it’s really unfurnished! Again, could happen anywhere in the world.


The international clinic is almost impossible for taxis to find, not to mention those that need to run there.  The private western hospital (London Hospital) is SUPER expensive. The state owned hospitals are basically free clinics, but Kuwaiti nationals get priority and I hear to avoid it all together.

  • International Clinic: Can you really judge the entire country because a taxi driver could not locate a hospital? Does that really make Kuwait bad?
  • London Hospital: I’ve never been too, but even if it was expensive, many other options could have been surveyed.


People leave the country for their dental work, hair cuts, and sometimes eyebrow waxings

  • People might travel for other cosmetic surgeries but certainly not for a hair cut!! One case here or there does not make it “one of the reasons to hate Kuwait” !!


It’s so dry here you don’t sweat

  • Well. Ok I admit it finally; the weather here is really hot in summer and very cold in winter, but we certainly have no option but to thank God for saving us from having hurricanes, storms, etc! I’d rather not to get wet than getting buried under my house’s roof after a storm strikes the country (God forbid).


There is no PDA. The boy can not touch me at all. No kissing on the forehead, putting his hand behind my back to guide me through a crowd, hand holding is like seeing people kiss in public in the US … “Ewe that’s gross!”

  • Even if that is not entirely accurate, but after all you have to obey by the rules and respect the country’s’ culture and values that you are in. If you like it then fine, if not, still fine.





From my point of view, it would have been really objective to have mentioned other true stories like: too many expats, terrible driving skills, crowded & chaotic streets, untidiness, etc.


In any case, I just want to thank you very much for raising such issues and giving me the chance to defend my culture, values, and country.