It’s just enormously irritating and disgusting the level of political corruption here in Kuwait, and that many of the people participating in unlawful activities are, unfortunately, happen to be in the top executive level of the Governmental body and parliament MPs. So far, this may not sound abnormal and normally happening anywhere else on this planet. But when it comes to the expatriates’ rights, it becomes completely unfair and damaging the country’s image. What brought this up is the pit of news in Alseyaseh newspaper today (just read it now) saying that one minister, an MP, and an ex-MP are involved in the labor crisis that has erupted few weeks back. Each one of them own a company that usually “get” many Governmental contracts (mostly cleaning companies) upon which they bring the required labors and workers. Eventually, they just don’t pay them their salaries on a monthly basis (not to mention giving them their original contracted ones anyway!) claiming that the Government did not release them their invoices, or so they say….

How can they possibly just do that?

It’s unlike any kind of corruption or bad doings! It’s about giving the people their basic right; the salary that they earned..! As simple as this..!!!!

This isn’t a new story anyway, but for some reason; those labors have just had it and went into disobedience.

We can draw many questions in this issue:

  • How can they legitimately withhold the money that their employees have already earned? Having delivered the work!
  • How can the Government have not noticed this problem earlier? Assuming it did not know about it at the first place anyway!
  • Can the workers sue their employers?
  • Can the Government bring up the names of those people? “Joke of the year”
  • Does the Government know about other cases? Is it covering up for people who belong to the ruling family for example or other powerful families?
  • What they are going to do about it eventually?

 Probably many other questions pop-ups in people’s mind on where this country is heading, and who’s steering it into that direction anyway..!