The most irritating things on street

In Kuwait, and may be much worst in the other GCC countries too, I think it goes without saying that when you go out from home, you need to hold yourself and be ultra patient. You will definitely face some people in the road who basically know nothing about driving, others who know nothing about politeness, and the rest know nothing about being disciplined. When such kind of things happens, it just irritates you to the nick and spoils your mood in that day completely. I tend to take deep breath and say: “yet another idiot… whatever… I’m not gonna change the whole world anyway nor will I gain anything if yelled at him…

If we want to list all kind of things that irritate you on a daily basis, it would mostly include one or more of the below:

  1. Person who parks on a line separating two parking spaces.
  2. Person who parks on disabled reserved space.
  3. Person who parks little away from the sidewalk and looks like being in the middle of the road (I’ve seen this; it was really crazy and drove me nuts!)
  4. Person who throws tissues, cigarettes, etc. in the street.
  5. Person who does not stop at the red lights! Deadly!!
  6. Person who cuts the line in front of you when being at the red light! (this really pisses me off big time!)
  7. Person who drives very slowly at the left lane..!! (like: who cares…!)
  8. Person who, during the traffic jam, drives at the emergency lane!
  9. Person who drives in the wrong way especially in the inner roads.
  10. Person who drives at night with the lights switched off! Even police do that!

I’ve totally no idea when this will be resolved..!!

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